Church on a Mountain


In addition to the Sunday service, we have several ministries during the week that are designed to specific groups. Please use our Ministries page to explore the options. 


Children are a special gift from God, but they are also a huge responsibility. The Bible teaches us that we are to teach them about God and His Word, and one such place is without a doubt in church. Therefore, at IBC, we have Sunday school classes for children ages 5-9 and 10-12, where they hear stories from the Bible, learn Scripture verses, sing, and pray. At the moment, Nursery for younger children is currently suspended.



The women's Bible study is an online study offered by Bible Study Fellowship International. This includes daily Bible readings and questions, reading study notes and listening to a weekly online lecture, all of which can be done when and where it suits each woman. Once per week we meet together in a Zoom conference call for a discussion led by our group leader. The lessons, fellowship and prayer support serve to grow us into a loving, supportive women's group despite our geographical distance from one another. This study runs September-May.



On every Monday evening the men meet for a time of fellowship and Bible study. The focus in this ministry is to address issues that are specific for men. God has assigned a special responsibility to men, and our goal is to learn how to better fulfil that role by looking to the Scriptures as the source of instruction and authority. You are welcomed to join us every Monday from 19:00 to 21:00. 


Bible Study

On every Thursday from 19:00, our pastor leads us in Bible Study. This is a blessed opportunity to meet with one another in the middle of each week. We come together to study the Word of God and to enjoy Christian fellowship. At the end of our meetings, we always spend some time in prayer. Both church members and visitors are welcome.

You will find some recordings of the Thursday Bible Studies on the Sermons page.

Image by Debby Hudson